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Dog Days of Summer Pool Party

Jazzy and Katie photographed by Sherry Stinson of Tyler Creative

The Aloha Girls

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers! Yep, it’s me, Jazzy the Amazing Wiener! I’ve been takin’ an extra long summer vakashun as ewe kan see from my lapse of posting! Stop grumbling! A wiener’s gotta do whut a wiener’s gotta do!

I’m shure ewe noticed my weally hot pikchur above in my purty new bikini! I do look like one hot dog, don’t eye?! See, I’m gettin’ weady for a weally cool event called da “Dog Days of Summer Pool Party!” It’s gonna happy on Sunday, August 15th frum 6-8 p.m.

an my furry friends, da Bark Park Buddies, are going to host it along wid da Benevolent and Protective Order of Elks. I donut nos if dat meens der will be weal elks der, but it shud make for sum fun pikchurs!

Anyways, da pool party is gonna be at de Elks Lodge over at 1060 Swan Drive behind da Walmart in Bartlesville, OK. Dat’s where I lives. It costs $5 per dog and $2 per person to get in all da fun! Plus der will be hot dogs, a raffle, contests, an more! Man, I tell ya, it’s gonna be a weally gud time! I may be wittle, but I bet ewe I kan outswim any oder wiener out der!

Here’s a poster about da event…my Mom over at Tyler Creative made it. I taught her everyting dat she nos! She’s purty good, huh?!

Oh, an I’m not supposed to tell dis, but she is totally redesigning her Web site an also redesigning da TylerDog Cards web site wid a new store an everyting! I’ll tell all ewe about it first ‘for she does ’cause I am Jazzy the Amazing Wiener Who Knows All and Tells All!

So, back to da pool party…

Even tho I say dat Katie is dopey, she looks kinda cute in her bikini, too, don’t ewe tink? I tink dat we wud be da two cutest girls ever at da party!

So if ewe haf nuthin’ to do, come out to da Bark Park Buddies “Dog Days of Summer Pool Party” an party wid da hot dogs!

All my luv to my wiener fans!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener