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Mango Margaritas and other stuff

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers…dis is Jazzy the Amazing Wiener! An wud ewe belief dat I finally got Mom to get off her patootie an do me anoder podcast?! Yep, I did! She promised me she wud start helpin’ me doo dem, so now ewe will get to hear me more often! Woo-hoo! Dis is one happy wittle wiener!

Dis time, I iz gonna be talkin’ about whut happens wen Mom goes to Tulsa an leefs me in charge! Mom wen to Tulsa da oder day an boy, did we haf a fine time! Click da icon below to find out whut happened…

Oh, an before ewe start sayin’ stuff like I shudn’t be dooin’ dat…I jest want to remind ewe dat I’m 8 whole yeers old, so technically I’m old enuff to do whut I want!

Anway, here’s my podcast!

WienerBites Episode 3
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Isn’t dat about da funniest ting ewe’ve ever herd? I meen, Big Head has seriously gotta get a wittle smaller hed ‘cuz she wreaks disaster everywhere!

Well, all my wiener luvin’ peeps, it’s time for me to go have my evening snak. I’m hopin’ for ice cream, but knowin’ Mom, I’ll prolly jest get a piece of cheese or sumthin’!

Stay cool and tune in later for anoder episode!

Luv, Jazzy the Amazing Wiener!