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RIP Gizmo ~ my boyfriend

My sweet boyfriend frum Arkansas, Gizmo the Miniature Pinscher, died today. I iz heartbroken, so I decided to write dis tribute to him!

Dat’s him above. Isn’t he handsome?!

Gizmo belonged to my Mamaw an Papaw. One day wen my Mamaw wuz at wurk, she saw dis wittle dog running down da road wid a chain on his neck. She jest knew he wuz gonna get hit, so she scooped him up outta da road. He wuz in bad shape an ewe cud tell he’d been running awhile. Sumone had even done sumthin’ bad to him ‘cuz he had a scarred bald spot of fur dat never grew back!

So, wight den, Mamaw decided to take Gizmo home. She saved his wittle life dat day. An in turn, he brought joy an happiness to my Mamaw an Papaw for so many yeers! One day, Papaw told my Mom, “Listen to this! He can say ‘I love you!'” Well, we all tink our dogs kan talk, wight? Well, wittle Gizmo cud! He tol Papaw, “I love you!” It sounded sorta like “Owwrr  ruuuuvv ewe!” but ewe nos whut I meen! Mom wuz weally impressed! Gizmo wuz one smart little MinPin!

Wen I wud go visit Mamaw an Papaw, Gizmo turned on da charm! He wud kleen my ears an lick my neck an kiss me all da time! At first, I acted like I didn’t like him an wud hide unnerneath Mamaw’s china cabinet! But I wuz weally jest playin’ hard to get! Gizmo weally showed me how much he loved me one day wen he took on Grady da Doberman Pinscher! I guess he thought Grady wuz competition, but Grady wuz my broder. Yucky to dat idea! Anyways, Grady gots close to me one day an Gizmo decided he wuz gonna eat Grady for lunch! Grady backed up an went away. Gizmo wuz so proud, his wittle chest puffed right out an he sed, “See there, Jazzy! No one messes with my Wiener!” I couldn’t bear to tell him Grady cud put a can of Whoop-a** on him so fast his wittle head wud spin, so I jest let him tink he skeered Grady off! It wuz cute!

Gizmo wuz a weally kool guy. Mamaw sed every night he wud haf ice cream wid dem. He liked his ice cream! He also luved his wittle bear! Mamaw never let me play wid his bear. In fact, she wud put it up wen I comed to visit! I guess she thought I wud tear it up or sumthin’. Can’t imagine why! 🙂 Anyways, Mamaw an Papaw sed Gizmo wud not go to bed at night widout his wittle bear. An if he cudn’t find it, dey had to get up an help him find his bear! If he gots tired before Mamaw an Papaw were ready for bed, he wud sumtimes stand in da bedroom door an cry at dem, tryin’ to get dem to go to bed wid him!

But ewe nos whut Gizmo loved most of all? His Mamaw an Papaw. He tol me one time, “You know, Jazzy, I was so scared that day when Mamaw found me. I had been running for what felt like forever. I was hungry. I was tired. And I was scared. When Mamaw scooped me up and looked at me with those pretty blue eyes, I knew my life was going to change for the better! I vowed right then and there that everyday I would do my best to make them happy, watch over them, and protect them as long as I could. They saved my life that day, Jazzy.” I jest cried an cried wen Gizmo tol me dat story. It wuz so touching an I’m so glad Mamaw saved him. Da pikchur below iz Mamaw an Gizmo frum a few yeers ago. Aren’t they both jest beautiful!

Gizmo, ewe are da sweetest boyfriend I haf ever had an I am going to miss ewe sumthin’ awful! Wen ewe gets to da Rainbow Bridge, tell Grady hi for me an twy to be nice to him, ok?

I luv ewe, Gizmo, and I’ll miss you.


Jazzy the Amazing Wiener