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Happy New Year 2012!

Happy New Year from Dopey Katie, Big Head, Jazzy the Amazing Wiener and Maggie Monster aka Katie, Xena, Jazzy and Maggie.

Happy New Year from Dopey Katie, Big Head, Jazzy the Amazing Wiener and Maggie Monster aka Katie, Xena, Jazzy and Maggie.

Hey all ewe wiener peeps! Happy New Year 2012! Yesterday, Mom spent most of da day takin’ pikchurs of us for our “Happy New Year” kard. I tol Mom, “Look, I ain’t wearin’ no Mardi Gras beads ‘cuz I nos whut ewe haf to do to get ‘em! An besides, Mom, I wanna nos eggactly how ewe gots dem!” She tol me, “Look, little wiener, your Uncle Bernie got those beads for us and I don’t have a clue what he did to get them, but you probably don’t want to know!” I wuz shocked! Den again, it’s my Uncle Bernie an he’s my Papa’s dad, so it makes sense. Dey are all goofballs, but I luvs dem anyways ‘cuz dey be my family!

I haf been tinkin’ a lot about whut all dis “new year” stuff is about. Peeple haf been saying on Facebook dat 2011 was hard. Yeah, it wuz. But to be honest, I donut tink 2011 wuz any harder dan, say, 1914, 1929, 1939. All dos yeers had weally bad tings happen. In fact, if ewe look at history, jest about every yeer has sumthin’ bad happen in it.

Let’s face it, wiener peeps, bad tings happen no matter what da year.

If all we focus on is da bad, we’ll find it. Sure, it’s hard to see gud wen ur drowning in debt. Kan’t find a job. Or a loved one is in da hospital. Or ur heart has been broken. I remember a heartbreaking phone call I receeved a long time ago, anguish on da oder end, “I’ll never love again!” It wuz my Papa wen he wuz only eight yeers old. Well, he didunt akshully call me. He called my Mom. But she tol me about it.

Anyway, I digress.

Mom sed my poor Papa was brokenhearted. Third grade, eight yeers old, an he wuz never gonna fall in love again! Mom listened an twied to comfort him best she cud, all da while smilin’ on da oder end because she knew, surely, he would fall in love again, many times. He wud have his heart broken again, many times. An yet, he wud get up anoder day to do it all over again.

Why? Because der is gud in dis world. Ewe will win sum. Ewe will lose sum. Ewe will get jobs. Ewe may lose a job. Ewe will get ur heart broken. Ewe will swear never to fall in love again. Ewe’ll make friends. Ewe will lose friends. Ewe may even lose loved ones.

But ewe will never lose da memories ewe haf made. Ewe will never lose da moments ewe haf experienced dat fill ur heart. I tol Mom, “The good and the bad, it’s what makes us who we are.” She wuz shocked I typed right, but I tol her dat wuz an original WienerBites quote, so it needed to be right. :)

It’s true! Da gud an da bad, it’s whut makes us who we are. So embrace the bad an learn from it. Hold on to da gud for all it’s worth an store it up for dos rainy days. An remember, life happens. It’s up to ewe to decide whut to do wid it!

Happy New Year! I luv all of ewe!


Jazzy the Amazing Wiener