It’s been awhile…

Hey all ewe wiener lovers! Merry Day After Christmas! I nos dat it’s been awhile since I’ve had a chance to blog. Mom keeps sayin’ she’s bizzy, but whut is more important dan me getting to blog, I ask ewe? Nuthin’! Nuthin’ I tells ewe!

Well, lots has happened since we last talked. Wemember how wittle Lily’s puppies were? I called dem The Squeakers ’cause all dey did was squeak!

The Squeakers

Well, dey all growed up now an haf new homes! Here’s der new pikchurs. Aren’t dey cute?

Penny, Jake and Lily

Dey gots weally gud homes, too. One of dem is living with a great family an a cat named Badger. Dat wud be Penny, da girl. Da boy, Jake, is living with a great family with two big Akitas! He has a really gud time telling da big dogs whut to do!

Before dey left, Mom taked der Christmas pikchur. Here it is…

Merry Christmas from The Squeakers

Mom sed da pikchur is going to be published in sum book. Soon as I find out, I’ll let ewe nos. I haf to admit, I miss da little boogers. Jake did gets to come back for vacation an he had a weally gud time. He remembered wight off da bat dat I’m still da wiener-in-charge, but I letted him sleep in my bed wid me anyway. Katie was happy, too. She gots to eat his hed for awhile instead of mine! Lily was thrilled! She pwayed wid her boy a lot an nearly wore herself out!

Mom taked our pikchurs for Christmas, too. Here’s our Christmas kard. I tink dat I look completely silly in my hat and I nos dat Katie looks completely silly. As for Lily, she looks kinda cute, but I do tink she let a stinker!

Merry Christmas from Jazzy, Katie, and Lily

I did tell Mom whut da captions shud be. I’m a pretty gud writer, I tink! Also, I tink for next year I’m gonna direct da photo shoot so I gets a bedder pikchur.

Did I tell ewe dat I gots my own WienerBites Facebook page? Yep, I do. So, now if ur on Facebook, ewe can become one of my fans. Mom sed since so many peeps asked for it, she wud set it up for me. I said, “Well, it’s about damn time!” She tol me dat I shudn’t cuss. An I told her she shud kiss my patootie! I tink I might get in trouble for dat one! Oh, well…when am I NOT in trouble?!

Well, dat’s about all da Christmas news. Da weather here in Oklahoma is frightful an I’m weady for it to go melt an go away ’cause it’s cold on my wittle paws. Oderwise, I’m jest waiting for 2010 to start ’cause I nos it’s gonna be a great year! Plus, my birfday is January 20, for all of those who want to remember and maybe send me card or gifts! Treats are always welcome!!!

Well, all ewe wiener lovers, I tink dat it’s time for my afternoon nap. I luvs all ewe all an hope dat ewe had a very Merry Christmas! See ewe soon!


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    IT SURE IS TIME TO GET BACK TO READY ABOUT YOU AND YOUR GANG. Here's wishing 2010 is a great year for you baby.

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