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Darling Dachshunds Calendars now available!

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers! How’s it shakin’ dis fine Wednesday morning? Fur me, it’s cold so I’m bloggin’ frum unner da covers! I’m so glad dat Mom got da WordPress iPhone app. Makes it a lot easier on me to blog frum my bed!

Darling Dachshunds calendar image

So, guess whut Mom over at TylerDog did? She made me a calendar! Yep, dat’s right! I haf my own 2011 dog calendar featuring me, Jazzy the Amazing Wiener called Darling Dachshunds 2011 Calendar! Is dat kool or whut? Ewe kan haf ur very own 2011 Darling Dachshunds calendar by clickin’ on this link or da pikchur at right.

It’s got like 12 months of ME! Yep, dat’s right! Ewe can haf a full year of purty pikchurs of me gracing your wall. Now, I nos dat all ewe wanna run right out an buy lots of des for ur family an friends. Remember, Christmas is coming up and da more calendars ewe buy, da more treats I get! Oh, dat’s not da reason for Christmas gifts? Oops! I meen to say dat da more calendars ewe buy, da happier peeple will be…like me, of course!

I weally dink dat I look purty on da cover, don’t ewe? Dere are baby pikchurs of me in da calendar, holiday pikchurs, me rollin’ around on da grass pikchurs, an let’s jest face it, weally cute pikchurs ’cause I’m a wiener! Us wieners can’t help but take good pikchurs!

2011 Darling Dobermans CalendarMom also made one for Grady, even tho he isn’t wid us anymore. Mom needs to buy da 2011 version for herself ’cause she’s had da 2009 version hangin’ on da wall an I gets confused what doggone day it is! Sheesh, Mom, update it already, wud ya?! Here’s Grady’s calendar an link, too. He looks weally handsome an I miss him a whole lot!

Mom sed she is gonna wurk on more calendars for oder dog breeds an maybe a cat or two. I told her we didn’t need no stinkin’ cats, but she told me to hush ’cause lots of peeple like cats an we haf to be nice. I told her I didn’t haf to be nothin’ cause, after all, I am Jazzy the Amazing Wiener! She told me I say dat too much an ewe nos whut I sed, “Kiss my patootie, Mom!” She jest shaked her head an sighed. She does dat a lot around me! BOL! BOL!

Strut Your Mutt

Did ewe nos dat Mom is gonna take Dopey Katie an Monster Maggie to Strut Your Mutt? I iz so mad! I don’t gets to go ’cause Mom sed I bark too much! Well, whut am I supposed to do? Shake hands wid everyone? I’m a wiener! I’m little! If I don’t bark, peeple won’t see me an der day wud be ruined! Doesn’t she no nuthin’?!

Anyway, if ewe don’t haf anything to do on Saturday, November 6 from 10 a.m.-1 p.m. ewe kan go to Pathfinder behind the Bartlesville High School an join up wid everyone an haf a good time! It’s a fundraiser for Bark Park Buddies for a public dog park in Bartlesville (which I’m sure I don’t get to go to eider! Sheesh!). Admission is $5 per person an Mom sed dey wud haf contests, hot dogs (not me!), refreshments, an more kool stuff! Please, sumone go so I can at least haf a report of whut goes on at des fun events!

Well, all ewe wieners, I gots to go! Remember, love ur human ’cause dey needs it!