Wiener Wisdom #4

Hey all ewe wiener lovers! I’m back wid my next tidbit of Wiener Wisdom. Aren’t ewe excited!
Wiener Wisdom #4: Never trust dat a treat doesn’t haf sumthin’ hidden inside…like a pill!

Dat’s whut I tink of sneaky treats!

See, dos hewmons of ours, dey sumtimes tink dat dey haf to trick us into takin’ our medicine an stuff. So dey get out da peanut butter, dey get out da hot dogs, dey resort to flat-out trickery! It’s jest not wight, I tell ewe! Now I never nos if Mom is givin’ me a treat jest ’cause I’m the princess dat I am or if she’s sneekin’ sum glue-cosa…gluckomeen…glue stuff into my treat to make my back bedder! She’s makin’ me paranoid, I swear!

So, a word to da wise…sniff dos treats gud before ewe bite into it! An it doesn’t hurt to pretend to be a cat, every so often, an gack it back up if ewe find da pill!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener


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