Wiener Wisdom #6

Hey all ewe wiener lovers! Here’s anoder great Wiener Wisdom coming ur way from Jazzy the Wise and Amazing Wiener! Weady?

Wiener Wisdom #6: Wen da temperature is -XX it don’t matter what da XX is. Ur gonna freeze ur patootie off!

Wen it’s cold, nap!

See, dey’ve been sayin’ all day dat it’s gonna be weally cold tonight and it’s gonna be zero an -10 and -20 win chills. I don’t nos whut all dat meens, but whut I do no is dat will freeze ur patootie off no matter what da number is afer da minus sign!

I’ve alweady tol Mom dat der is no way I’m gonna go outside in dis, so she jest eider bring in some grass or put down a puppy pad! She tol me it was negotiable. Ha! I don’t tink so!

So, if ewe nos sumone dat has anipals dat need shelter, help dem out! It’s too cold in dis kind of weather to leave dem out, even if ewe do put straw down. Help out dos dat can’t help demself, okay?

In da meentime, stay warm!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener


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