New Year’s Resolution #3

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers! It’s time for New Year’s Rezolushun #3. Are ewe ready?

New Year’s Rezolushun #3: Stop an smell da roses!

Hmm, smells like chicken!

Now, if ewe wead my blog post from yesterday, ewe nos dat I talked about how it seems dat all hewmons do is run around doing all kinds of tings, but sumtimes it seems like dat’s all ewe do: run around. But ewe haf to ask urself: are ewe weally happy wunning around all da time?

See, my point (an I do haf one!), is dat sumtimes it’s more important to stop wunning around an take a moment to breathe. I meen, look at us dogs. Whut is one of da first tings dat we do wen we go outside? Well, afer barkin’ an dooing our bidness….we throw our heads back, put our noses into da air, and sniff. Why? Well, if ur standing by Lily, dat might not be a gud ting ’cause she lets stinkers! But most of da time, it’s ’cause we wanna “see” whut’s going on. Dat’s how us dogs see stuff: we take time to sniff da world around us. An we learn a lot: who’s been in our yard, whut’s going on down da street with Pumpkin Pie, da Old English Sheepdog, an all kinds of tings!

Hewmons, on da oder hand, sumtimes get so bizzy dat dey miss some of da beauty around dem. Like Mom, she sumtimes gets worried about stuff. I hears her talkin’ to Mamaw a lot (hey, it’s not eavesdroppin’ if ur lyin’ in ur bed next to da phone!) an dey talk about de economy. Dey talk about Mom’s bidness. Dey talk about how meen peeple seem to be these days. Shoot, Mom’s iPhone goes off like 10 times a day wid “Braking News” alerts from CNN an not one of dem is ever gud news, so dey talk about dat, too.

Sumtimes, I jest wanna tell Mom, “Hey, Mom? Yeah, all dat stuff might be true. But at da same time, haf ewe went outside an seen how purty da sky looks? Did ewe see how da snow glistens wen da sun hits it? Haf ewe looked into my gorgeous brown eyes an seen how purty I am?” I meen, come on peeple! We are surrounded by a wealth of beautiful tings everywhere. An like I sed yesterday, why worry? It don’t do nuthin’ except rob ewe of good energy ewe cud haf used for today!

See, us dogs, we gots it right. Jest like I sed yesterday, we don’t fret over da past, we don’t worry about da future, we lives in da now. We nos how to stop an smell da roses, to appreciate da wittle tings around us. An no, dat wasn’t a wittle wiener joke! The Good Book sed dat da birds don’t worry about sowin’ or reapin’ but yet God feeds dem. An if He feeds dem, den surely we are much more important dan da birds, wight?* (No offense to any of my feathered friends! 🙂

Wen it comes wight down to it, it’s da wittle tings dat matter. Seeing ur grandbaby’s first smile or watching da sun come up over the hillside. Watching puppies play in da snow or the wonder in a child’s face da first time dey see a snowflake. Helping dat stranger on da side of da road when it’s pouring rain outside an no one else will stop to help. Des are da kind of tings dat matter. Not gettin’ dat new 60-inch flat-screen (altho dat wud be nice, Mom! I cud watch all da Dog Whisperer episodes frum my bed!), or worryin’ about wether ur portfolio is gonna go up or down. Sure, we gots to plan for da future. But we don’t haf to worry about da future. It won’t change it, no matter how much we worry. In fact, the Big Guy upstairs sed, “Do not worry about tomorrow, for tomorrow will worry about itself. Each day has enough trouble of its own.”*

So, for me, I tink dat I am gonna stop an smell da roses a wittle bit more dis year (tank God we don’t haf a boy dog anymore! Dat cud be dangerous! hee-hee). I tink dat I am gonna find sum of da wittle tings in life an appreciate dem more ’cause wen it comes wight down to it, it’s weally de only tings dat matter.

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener

*Matthew 6:25-34


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