New Year’s Resolution #4

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers! I’m back wid my top five New Year’s Rezolushuns. Weady for #4?

New Year’s Rezolushun #4: Take more naps!

Dis is da life!

See, wen hewmons are wittle kids, dey haf to take naps. Even wen Mom went to kinnergarden like a hundred years ago, she sed dat she had to take a nap everyday! So I ask ewe, how comes wen hewmons grows up dey don’t take naps? How come it is all dey do now is rush around all da time, twyin’ to fit in everyting…even sum tings dat aren’t weally important?! An all da time, dey are tired, tired, tired! I tells ewe whut, when I take a nap, I wake up refreshed an weady to bite Katie! Um…did I jest type dat? I meant, I waked up refreshed an weady to go! 😉

I tink dat der are lots of tings hewmons shud do dat dey don’t do jest ’cause dey are all grown-up. I meen, look at it frum my perspective as Jazzy the Amazing Wiener! Okay, okay, look at it frum da perspective of a dog. We haf jobs. Sure, most of us don’t get out an punch clocks, but we patrol da yard, we bark an let our hewmons nos sumone is at da door, we protect our pack and we luv our hewmons. But at da same time, we make sure to take time each day to play. We take naps. We gets up, we stretch, we go out an run da yard, we eat, we play, we nap, an den we do it all again. An we’re happy! We don’t worry if Princess da Poodle has a new collar or if Ralph the Beagle gots a new dog house! We is jest happy to be!

How comes all hewmons do is worry an feel stressed all da time? I tink it’s ’cause dey haf forgot how to “just be.” Dogs don’t fret about da past, we don’t worry about da future. We live for now. I like to tink dat da Big Guy upstairs is takin’ care of everyting, so why shud I worry about it? I wead a quote sumwheres dat said, “Every evening I turn my worries over to God. He’s going to be up all night anyway.”*

I like dat. I figure if I worry all da time, I wudn’t haf time to pick on Dopey Katie, let my pet Ms. Lily clean my ears, take naps, or do any of da tings dat I like to do!

So, on dat note, I’d like to gif ewe a wittle bit of advice frum da wurds of a weally famous hewmon: ” To be or not to be?” I’d say “just be.”

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener

*Quote by Mary C. Crowley


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