Wiener Wisdom #1

Hey all ewe wiener lovers! I promised dat I wud start a new column called Wiener Wisdom and I’m a wiener of my wurd, so here we go!

Wiener Wisdom #1: Avoid da yellow snow!

Privacy, Mom! Haf ewe hurd of it?

Trust me, it’s not lemon-flavored! An dos brown tings aren’t tootsie rolls, my sweet! I learned dat a longtime ago wen Grady was alive. He made lots of yellow snow! Wen I was jest a baby, I thought dat it wud taste gud, but tank dog Grady caught me before I licked it! So, now even tho I like to pick on Katie, I did warn her about da yellow snow. She keeps tryin’ to get Lily to eat it, but tank dog dat Lily is smart enuff not to eider!

So there ewe haf it,Wiener Wisdom #1. Now I haf to do #2, 3, and 4 so I can get caught up! By da end of next year, I hopes to haf 365 days of Wiener Wisdom.

See ya later, my sweets!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener


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