Wiener Wisdom #2

Hey all ewe wiener lovers! I’m back wid my next Wiener Wisdom installment. Don’t ewe feel urself gettin’ smart already?!

Wiener Wisdom #2: Winter’s not so much fun wen ur belly is only two inches off da ground!

Even wen I’m freezin’ I’m one hot dog!

Dis pikchur was an ice storm from a few years ago an I learned my lesson den: ur belly freezes off wen ewe go outside in it! So now I don’t wander around anymore, dat’s why Mom don’t haf any new pikchurs of me in da snow. I ain’t posin’ in da freezin’ cold unless I get something special written in my kontract!

Now wen it snows, I goes out, dos my bidness, den I high-tail it back to da house! Wight now, I’m lyin’ on my bed in front of where da heat comes out. I’m one smart wiener!

Haf a gud day, all ewe wieners!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener


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