Wiener Wisdom #8

Okay, I’m a wittle ticked off wiener right now! Wanna nos why? ‘Cause of peeple dat post comments on my blog dat are jest twyin’ to get me to go to der Web site to sell me sumthin! Jest be forewarned, if ewe are a spammer, I will delete ur comment every single time! I’ve alweady done it four times tonight an will continue!

Wiener Wisdom #8: Don’t mess wid a wittle wiener ’cause we gots weally sharp teeth!

Twust me, ewe do not wanna make dis wiener mad! Jest ask Katie! See dos teeth?! 🙂

Sheesh! Now I gots to go get a tweat or sumthin’ to calm down!

Wemember, if ewe wanna post, I’d luv for ewe to post, but if ur gonna spam, we’re gonna bite ewe in da patootie!

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener


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