Wiener Wisdom #9

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers. It’s been awhile an yeah, my wiener wisdom has been sorely lackin’ des days! But I’m back an wid a vengeance! So, wanna hear my latest Wisdom?

Wiener Wisdom #9: April showers brings muddy paws!

I wunner if Mom will jest karry me everywhere?! I’m wittle, I don’t weigh dat much an shoot, she cud jest karry me like a football an den my wittle feets wud never haf to get muddy!

Yesterday, I watched Lily playin’ wid da soccer ball an man, was her face all muddy! I told Mom she shure wud look cute wid a Mia Hamm jersey on while she plays wid da ball. Lily was all like, “Huh? Did ewe say I get sum ham?” Poor Loopy Lily. She’s jest not weally bright, but I luf my pet! I tink she’s been hangin’ out wid Dopey Katie a wittle too much!

Cesar's Way magazine cover April 2010 issueMom in Cesar’s Way magazine

I haf sum gud news! I am weally proud of my Mom. Oder dan da fact she jest turned 47 on April 1st and is weally old (oops! I wasn’t supposed to say dat, was I?! ;)), she jest found out her photos were published in  a magazine called Cesar’s Way! Dat’s Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer. He has a weally cool magazine an her pikchurs are on pages 95 and 96, featuring Betty, Scrappy, and Kelly for a brand new series called “Adorable, Adoptable and Ready for Love.” Dey forgot to give her credit, so look for da pikchurs of da dogs she photograffed! Izn’t dat kool? I’m so proud of ewe, Mom! Here’s a link to da photos she taked.

I tink dat she tinks now she’s gonna be famous like me. I humored her an sed, “Oh, sure, Mom! Ewe will be!” She jest doesn’t unnerstand, tho. She is gud, no doubt. I meen, shoot. I taught her everyting I nos, so she bedder be gud! But I am amazing! I meen, der is a weason my name is Jazzy the Amazing Wiener!

All wight, wiener lovers. Dat’s all for now! Have a wunnerful Monday

Jazzy the Amazing Wiener!


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