WienerBites is podcasting live!

Hey, all ewe wiener lovers! Guess whut, guess whut, guess whut?!?!

Guessed it yet?!

Mom finally let me start doing my own podcast! Yeppers, dat’s wight! I’m now offishull ~ I gots my own WienerBites radio show! I’m like gonna be big like, I don’t no, maybe Howard Stern minus all da stoopid an dirty stuff he says. Maybe I’ll jest be big like a radio version of Oprah or Ellen! Not dat I’m live on da radio, but it’s da next best ting to being here wid me! I gets to talk about anyting I want an Mom promised to post da tings I say in a podcast! So dis meens ewe gets to hear Jazzy the Amazing Wiener talk! So, if ewe haf always wondered, “Hmm, I wunner whut Jazzy sounds like!” Well, now ewe nos!

Mom even made me an offishul album cover. Here it is…

WienerBites Podcast Album Cover
WienerBites Episode 1
(iPhone users click album art to play)

Now, anytime ewe see dis album cover wid da headphones icon, ewe nos all ewe gotta do is click it and listen to a new podcast! I’ll also post old episodes on da blog in de Archives once we get sum.

Is dis kool or whut?! How many wieners ewe no dat haf their own podcast?! I wunner if we could change it to “wienercast?!”

Mom sed she’d also start lettin’ me do sum video, but it wud take awhile ’cause she don’t haf time to do all dis for me all da time. I tol her, “Mom, look, now I nos ewe got a bidness to run, but come on…who’s gonna make ewe famous?! It’s not Katie an it’s not Lily…it’s me! I’m da famous one, Mom. Me. I’m da one who gets fan mail. I got tweeps. I gots followers. Don’t ewe tink dat maybe ewe shud make time for me?!”

Once again, Mom jest looked at me an sighed. I herd her mutter sumting about, “Stinkin’ little wiener’s got da big hed…” or sumtin like dat. I don’t no whut dat meens, but my hed’s not big at all. Now Katie’s hed was big an Grady’s was, too, but I gots a little wiener hed. I tink Mom needs to check her glasses!

Anyways, I jest wanted to let ewe all no dat I’ll be talkin’ to ewe all now!

Coming up next…
Yes, I wemember dat I was supposed to tell more of my birth story and I promise I will. I also haf to tell ewe about my new pet, Lily. I gots my own pet! Isn’t dat kool? Anyways, I gots to go, but I luv ewe all an will be back soon!


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